Capocollo di Martina Franca DOP – Duecento

Capocollo di Martina Franca DOP – Duecento


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The upper neck part of pigs born, bred and slaughtered in the heart of Valle d’Itria in Apulia. This is the Duecento, from Santoro, the capollo that tops their range. It is produced from the meat of swines that are grown in the wild up to a weight of 200Kg, and the curing in this case takes 200 days, hence its name Duecento [200]. Produced under the rigorous eye of the Slow Food Presidium.

Capocollo of Martina Franca is produced in the heart of Apulia, on the hills of Murgia, particularly in the towns of Martina Franca, Cisternino and Locorando, all surrounding Valle d’Itria. It is a typical cured meat of the region, well known already in the XVIII century in Apulia, as well as in all the Kingdom of Naples.

Delicate, slightly tangy, with intense notes of toasted aromas, pepper and a slight smokiness. Aromas that are the essence of the region and very unique to it. Beautiful on a board with other charcuterie, or in a panino, with some pecorino or formaggio Canestrato. It pairs nicely with a Primitivo wine.

Italy, Puglia.

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