Salsiccia Stagionata Piccante

Salsiccia Stagionata Piccante


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A wonderful, typical salsiccia piccante [spicy hot salame] as is customarily produced at home by many families in Italy’s Basilicata region. It is made with selected lean pork meat, coarsely cut [as per tradition], and flavoured with salt, ground peperoncino and wild fennel seeds in perfect measures.

Unique flavours, produced today in the same age-old methods. Ideal as part of a hamper gift, on a charcuterie board, or to cut up freely as a snack with lingue crackers.

Italy, Basilicata.

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Pork [Italian], salt, peperoncino, wild fennel seeds.


Always bring charcuterie to room temperature before serving. In standard temperatures, an hour out of the fridge prior to serving, is ideal.


Approx. 220g