Semi-Dried Cherry Tomatoes in Olive Oil
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Semi-Dried Cherry Tomatoes in Olive Oil




The DeCarlo family masterfully brings together the whole of Apulia in this jar: the sun, the typical flavours of the best quality pomodorini, and their own extra-virgin olive oil, an age-old and authentic tradition of peasant cuisine. Born to delight even the most demanding palates, this is the ‘sun-kissed’ line, the art of sun-drying the best quality cherry tomato.

Very versatile, sun-dried cherry tomatoes are used in innumerable combinations: perfect on pizzas, focaccia and bruschetta, pasta and fish dishes. Also ideal as an aperitivo, especially when accompanied with burrata, another typical product of Southern Italy.

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64% cherry tomatoes, 34% extra virgin olive oil, salt, garlic, herbs.