Ricotta Salata

Ricotta Salata


220g approx. – a half of the small cheese


A hard, small ricotta salata cheese, made with pasteurised sheep’s and cow’s milk.

This particular ricotta, a typical cheese used profusely in Sicilian recipes, is obtained from the whey of sheep’s milk during the making of the Piacentinu Ennese cheese, which is a Sicilian pecorino made with saffron and peppercorn. Both are made on a dairy in the rolling landscape of the province of Enna, an area which is very rich in pastures, with a mediterranean climate, giving the cheeses a full bouquet of aromas. The sheep raised on this farm are of the Comisana race, and are bred in a very traditional way. The animal rennet is also produced on the dairy.

A dry paste with a very light, straw-yellow colour [coming from the saffron]. A full palate, buttery, creamy, with natural smoke aromas, and a long, pleasant aftertaste. This is the perfect ingredient for Pasta alla Norma, Parmigiana, and a lovely addition to fresh ricotta for ravioli and cannelloni filling.

Italy, Sicily.

Additional information

Caring for your Cheese

Keep cut cheeses wrapped in wax paper. Do not use cling film as this makes the cheese sweat.
Store cheese in the warmest part of your fridge. The salad drawer is quite ideal.
Artisanal cheese and mould are natural companions. Simply trim the surface mould before serving.
Always bring cheese to room temperature before serving. In standard temperatures, an hour out of the fridge prior to serving, is ideal.