Colatura di Alici

Colatura di Alici




This is, simply put, the aromatic juice of salted anchovies. The preparation of the colatura, by Aquapazza Gourmet of Cetara, is one which respects ancient traditions and rigorous rules. Preparation starts with the fishing of anchovies only in the Gulf of Salerno, from March until July. The fish is gutted, salted and layered in typical chestnut wood barrels called ‘terzigni’. As the anchovies mature, a liquid emerges to the surface of the ‘terzigni’. This is collected and exposed to sunlight for 6 months. It is then poured once again into the terzigni and over the anchovies, and, as it slowly passes through the layers of anchovies, it is collected as it pours, drop by drop, through a hole at the bottom of the barrel. The full process takes 18 months, but the final product is well worth every minute of every day of those 18 months. Use to finish off dishes.

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Anchovies, salt.