Organic Sourdough Spelt & Honey Croissants

Organic Sourdough Spelt & Honey Croissants



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Artisanal and certified organic, fresh croissant. Bag of 5 individually-packed croissant.

Produced in Tuscany, just outside Siena, in a purely traditional way using ‘pasta madre’ [the sourdough method, without yeast, slow-leavened simply using organic stone-milled flour and water], and prime quality ingredients, these croissant are beautifully light in texture, delicious in taste, and 100% natural. Pair with a jam of your taste, or eat as they are. Beautiful slightly warmed up.

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Stone-milled single-grain spelt flour 23%, butter, stone-milled wheat flour, cane sugar, mother sourdough [wheat flour type "0", water], egg, whole milk, water, sweet orange essential oil, salt, vanilla bean, honey. All organic.


Wheat, spelt, milk, egg, butter. May contain traces of fruit with shells, sesame and soy.


Store in a cool, dry place. In an airtight container once opened.


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