June 26, 2011 Sarah
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Weather-wise, May and early June were uncommonly unsettled here, in Malta. Southern winds, blowing from over the deserts of Africa, brought with them an orange-tinged film of dust.

Friday, June 10, though, turned out to be a glorious day.

We were busy setting up a chocolate table for a very special couple’s wedding celebration at Villa Arrigo. All turned out superbly well. The venue’s beautiful gardens provided a picturesque backdrop while the airconditioned environment meant our delicious chocolates remained… well, delicious!

Our heartfelt congrats to the happy couple.

Divine chocolates by top London chocolatiers Rococo and Artisan du Chocolat were plated on Maltese antique silver platters…

… as were the mouth-watering pralines of Tuscany’s Amedei.