October 18, 2011 Sarah
In News

Christmas may seem far off for some of you, but because, last year, we had to disappoint so many of our customers with the lack of Stilton Truckes [whole, barrel-shaped cheese wheels of approximately 2Kg], we have decided to place our reservations with our affineurs well in time this year.

Our mini Stiltons, made by Colston Bassett on order for our affineurs, are set with animal rennet. This gives the cheese a better structure, allowing for cool, creamy, mellow flavours and a fondant texture.


Colston Bassett is one of the smallest Stilton Dairies in the UK. They buy milk from 5 farms surrounding the dairy. They have been buying from the same farms since the 1920s, and also since then, there have only been four head cheesemakers at Colston Bassett: Tom Coy, Ernie Wagstaff, Richard Rowlett and now Billy Kevan. Their Stilton is more traditional than any other. The curd is hand-ladled before draining. This treats the curd more gently and preserves its structure, which results in a luscious, creamy texture when the cheeses are mature. The cheeses they make for our affineurs are made with traditional animal rennet rather than vegetable rennet. Animal rennet is used by the most exacting cheese-makers because it makes better cheese. With Colston Bassett Stilton, the texture is more full-bodied when made with animal rennet and the flavour is deeper, more complex and longer lasting than that of cheeses made with vegetable rennet. Our affineurs also ask Colston Bassett to pierce the cheeses later and less often than for their regular Colston Bassett recipe, which gives the cheese a chance to express flavours other than blue, making the blue balance rather than overwhelm the cheese.

Make the right impression at table this Christmas. Give us a ring on 2131 5222 to place your orders.