Santorino Artisan Wurstel

These sausages, in reality, have only the name in common with the Viennese Wurstel.

They are made from the noble and lean cuts of fresh pork of 100% Italian origin, by Santoro who are masters of tradition, quality and simplicity in Puglia. Aromas which are characteristic of the land are added and the sausages are then just simply steamed.

A perfect balance between lean and fat, these kind of sausages are everyone’s BBQ favourite.

Italy, Puglia.

Additional information


Fresh pork meat [100% Italian origin], salt, dextrose, natural aromas, antioxidant E300, preservative E250, stabiliser E450. Gluten and lactose free.


This product must be cooked. Ideal on the BBQ, can also be oven grilled or roasted.


A chilled product. Always keep refrigerated.