Pancetta Tesa – Smoked Bacon

Pancetta Tesa – Smoked Bacon


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An artisanal, Italian version of smoked bacon.

The belly of pigs born, bred and slaughtered in the heart of Valle d’Itria in Apulia. At Santoro, masters of tradition, quality and simplicity in Puglia, the belly is massaged and cured slowly, with salt, pepper and cooked wine must. The gentle smokiness coming from Fragno wood and almond husks enriches the flavours of an already beautiful piece of meat.

Use as you would bacon, simply pan fried or to enrich pasta and vegetable dishes.

Italy, Puglia.

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250g, 500g


Always bring charcuterie to room temperature before serving. In standard temperatures, an hour out of the fridge prior to serving, is ideal.