Lazy Breakfast to Champagne Brunch
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Lazy Breakfast to Champagne Brunch


This box contains sourdough bread, therefore your order needs to reach us by latest 3pm on a Tuesday for a Thursday pick-up/delivery, or by 3pm on a Thursday for a Saturday pick-up/delivery.

See Description below for contents of Box.

Where items within the box are sold out, we shall substitute with a like product of same price or higher.


Kick off the day with a heartwarming cup of Sweet Love Tea and some Tuscan biscotti with muesli. Move on to a lazy Champagne brunch to lunch with our fine smoked Scottish salmon on slices of toasted sourdough spelt, a couple of gorgeously supple and subtle cheeses, those wonderful cherry tomatoes with basil and lemon in olive oil, a fennel and green peppercorn paté to enjoy with crisp mini flatbreads. A chocolate, or two, or three… to blissfully end the day.

Box contains: Kusmi Tea Sweet Love Tea Box of 20 muslin bags; Cantucci Frutta e Semi 200g bag; Pol Roger Brut Champagne 75cl bottle; Sourdough Spelt Loaf; Scottish Salmon 100g sliced; 150g Buche de Chèvre cheese; Piccolo Fiore di Bufala 250g cheese; Mario Fongo Mini Lingue di Suocera Flatbreads 100g; Nonno Andrea Fennel and Green Peppercorn Paté; Nonno Andrea Pomodorini Cherry Tomatoes with Basil & Lemon 140g Jar; Simply Chocolate Instead of Flowers Assorted Chocolate Box 120g.

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Keep in a cool place, away from direct sunlight and heat.


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