Biscotti della Salute Toasted Wholewheat Pan Brioche Slices

Biscotti della Salute Toasted Wholewheat Pan Brioche Slices



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Pan Brioche, prepared according to the original recipe of 1858, based on soft wheat flour, butter and free-range eggs, without any preservatives or glucose syrup, double and slow leavened. Once baked, the soft brioche is cut and left to rest for 24 hours, after which the slices are toasted until golden. Light and crumbly and utterly moreish. Pair with honey or jam, or with savoury toppings, such as gorgonzola and walnuts, a creamy robiola and prosciutto crudo, jamon iberico and manchego shavings…

Created by the historic Antonio Mattei, creator of the original recipe, also of the cantucci, back in 1858, in Prato, Tuscany.

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Wholemeal wheat flour 28%, wheat flour, free-range eggs, butter, sugar, yeast, sea salt.


Wheat, eggs, butter. May contain almonds, pistachios, soy, hazelnuts.



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