Yrgalem Roasted Coffee Beans

Yrgalem Roasted Coffee Beans




This Single Estate coffee takes its name from the city of Yrgalem, in the Sidamo region of Ethiopia, motherland of all Coffea Arabica coffees. In the surrounding neighbourhoods, this variety of arabica, named Typica, is grown in small plots of land called coffee gardens. Made with the wet processed Sidamo gr.2 CMI beans, which Abdullah Bagersh especially selects for Piantagioni del Caffè, this coffee has astonishing character, making it best enjoyed unblended. Its stunning floral, bergamot and honey aroma comes prominently through, with a pleasant acidity and citrusy aftertaste. This is a CSC Associazione Caffè Speciali Certificati certified single estate coffee. On each bag you will find a numbered anti-counterfeit label which guarantees the sole use of CSC certified coffees.

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