Mixed Love Chocolate Coated Liquorice

Mixed Love Chocolate Coated Liquorice



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Two delicious Lakrid’s Love flavours in one large tub. Strawberry & Cream Love’s tangy, red strawberries, white soft cream and sweet liquorice, partnered with Fruity Caramel’s salty liquorice smothered in dulche chocolate with layers of pungent blackcurrant notes. By kings of liquorice, Lakrids by Bülow. Gluten-Free.

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Strawberry & Cream: 61% white chocolate [EU] [sugar, cocoa butter, whole milk powder, emulsifier: soy lecithin, natural vanilla flavour], rice flour, invert sugar syrup, sugar, treacle, 3% strawberry [EU][freeze-dried], glucose syrup, 2% raw liquorice [non-EU], raspberry [freeze-dried], 0.8% cream [non-EU][cream powder [freeze-dried], natural flavour], rapeseed oil, cocoa butter, salt, acid: malic acid, glazing agent: shellac, natural strawberry flavour, colour: iron oxide, anise oil. Minimum 27% cocoa solids. Gluten free.
Fruity Caramel: 63% Dulce chocolate [EU] [sugar, milk powder, cocoa butter, whey powder, cocoa mass, milk fat, emulsifier: soy lecithin, natural flavour], rice flour, sugar, invert sugar syrup, treacle, 4% raw liquorice [non-EU], ammonium chloride, 1.3% black currant [EU][freeze-dried], rapeseed oil, salt, glazing agents [shellac, coconut oil], cocoa butter, natural flavour, colours [iron oxide, titanium dioxide]. Minimum 27 % cocoa solids. Gluten free.


Milk, soy, cream powder, whey powder.