Full Detox Assorted Tea, muslin tea bags

Full Detox Assorted Tea, muslin tea bags



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Assortment of flavoured blends of green teas, maté and herbs, in 24 enveloped muslin tea bags. See ingredients for assortment. Founded in 1867, Kusmi Tea creates exclusive blends and high quality traditional teas.

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Detox: green tea, maté, lemon grass, rosehip seeds, 100% natural lemon flavouring. BB Detox: green tea [30%], rosehip, maté [17%], rooibos, fennel, mint, grapefruit flavouring, 100% natural flavourings, guarana seeds, dandelion. Blue Detox: green tea [36%], rosehip seeds, maté [17%], rooibos, mint, 100% natural pineapple flavouring, guarana seeds, nettle leaves, sunflower petals.